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Retargeting for the Win!! Bring Customers Back to Finish Their Transaction

Phillip Reinhardt

Get Potential Customers Back

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life size billboard that followed your customers around every day as they drive through the streets — constantly reminding them of the specific goods or services that they’ve been shopping for on your website? Well, that’s essentially what retargeting does for customers, only in a digital format. Customers are all-too-easily distracted by something in either the physical or digital world, drawing their attention away before they can complete a transaction. This is where retargeting really shines, as a properly configured retargeting strategy will follow your customer’s digital footsteps and display ads of the exact product they were browsing for, or even a complimentary product after they complete a sale.

Retargeting or Remarketing?

You may hear the terms retargeting and remarketing used interchangeably, and while they are similar there are some nuanced differences between the two. Specifically, remarketing often refers to email or SMS text-based campaigns that attempt to re-engage customers or prospects from their inbox, as opposed to on another website. Abandoned cart emails and reminder emails are two incredibly successful tactics that you can employ to encourage prospects or lapsed customers to return to your website and place an order. Finally, sending an email notifying customers when an item that they browsed in the past is now on sale is a tactic that customers actually appreciated — and often resulted in an immediate order of that product. The true difference between remarketing and retargeting is that with remarketing, customers have likely interacted with your site in a meaningful way: signed up for a newsletter or made a purchase. With retargeting, you do not have to be an “identified user” in order to see retargeting ads on your favorite websites, search engines or social media platforms.

Casual Browser to Dedicated Customer

Retargeting is one of the best ways to get a second chance to converting prospects into paying customers. Less than 2 percent of shoppers make an upfront decision to purchase the first time they visit your site, making it incredibly important to re-engage on a regular basis. However, retargeting isn’t just for selling, it can also help reinforce your brand name to potential customers and keep your offers top of mind. Customers often browse a variety of websites looking for the best price on a particular item. If you are the only one of your competitors who utilizes retargeting, chances are that you’re the one who will be able to eventually net the sale — as the prospect continues to surf your name keeps popping up throughout the web. The same is true of customers who nearly complete a purchase but don’t take the final step, as they abandon their shopping cart. If you haven’t yet captured their email address you can still directly target those consumers through retargeting ads.

Remarketing Campaigns keeps you from losing your customers forever

Targeting the Right Prospects

Retargeting is similar to any other type of advertising, it is most effective when it’s tightly targeted to the audience that is most likely to take an action on the offer or message. Not all customers are the same, and hitting someone browsing your site at any point in the past with messages that are not relevant will result in additional costs and fewer clicks by your audience. You can review a variety of different types of behavior to find the right audience to target, such as individuals who:

  • Spent significant time on your website
  • Read content from three or more pages
  • Abandoned a cart at any stage of the checkout process
  • Visited internal pages, and not just the homepage

Creating targeting mechanisms will provide you with the best return for your advertising investment, and ensure that you’re getting the right message to the right person — just at the right time for them to make a buying decisions.

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