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Here’s How Content Marketing Drives Customer Engagement and Sales

Phillip Reinhardt

Content Marketing

People today are bombarded with marketing messages from all directions: Sale! Buy Now! Don’t Wait! These messages lose a great deal of their power due to repetition, but how else can you break through the clutter that is filling our inboxes, news feeds and lives? Easy — tell your customers a compelling story that adds value to their day, and you’ll be taking the first steps towards finding the key to their hearts . . . and their wallets. Content marketing provides the ideal venue to quietly add sincerity back to marketing, through engaging and interesting tidbits of information that compel customers to learn more about your organization or your brand. Think about it, when you see an article with thousands of likes and shares on social media that gives you valuable tips that eases you into your day or makes you more effective, aren’t you inclined to think positively about the website where you found this treasure trove of information? Here’s several ways you can include content marketing in your digital strategy.

Plan, Produce, Promote, Payoff

Generate Leads

We all know that nothing in life is free. When someone asks you to enter your email address to receive a piece of content, you know that you’re likely going to receive email followups from that brand. Consumers are becoming pickier about who receives their contact information, so your offer must be extremely compelling. Creating a downloadable or access-only piece of content is an excellent way to grow your contact list and vet potential prospects for ongoing conversation — as long as you’re truly offering something of value to your audience. Recipes, top tips for something that aren’t easily found on Google, eBooks that impart knowledge, access to a live or recorded webinar, downloadable high-quality graphics: these are all viable options for content marketing in today’s environment. Creating a content strategy is only step one, as you’ll also need to produce the content and promote it before ultimately receiving the payoff of a new prospect or customer. Nurturing these leads may be a multi-step process that includes ongoing education in the form of additional content marketing via email or personalized push notifications on your website.

Establish Your Brand

Will becoming a thought-leader in a particular space lead to additional sales for your services business, or help you to gain valuable allies or reach new partners? Content marketing provides a way to widely distribute your brand story with a unique voice, while enhancing your overall digital presence and discoverability on the web. Consumers today want to know that there’s a human behind their brand, and they buy into the story of the individuals as much or more than the product itself. Providing fair, unbiased information not only makes your brand appear more reliable to consumers, but it has the added benefit of boosting search engine results!

Be Customer Centric

People in general truly are hungry to learn more about “good” brands and products — ones that will save them time in today’s hectic world, reduce expenses to help offset lost wages or provide ways for busy families to reconnect. These very valid human needs can be met by brands who are accurately telling their story, instead of simply trying to sell a product. Think about it: are you more likely to give to a charity that states their needs in black and white numbers, or that explains to you through images and text the benefits that will be realized from your gift? When you’re able to emotionally impact your consumer, you’re much more likely to leave a lasting impression . . . and ultimately make a sale.

Content marketing can easily miss the mark, so it’s important to work with polished writers who truly understand the needs of your consumers and how to position your brands in a positive light that adds real value.

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