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Red vs. Blue: How Politics are Experienced on Facebook

David Bosley

Social media is so customizable that every user experience is unique.


In modern American society, there are few topics more polarizing than politics, but haven’t you always been curious to see how social media users on the other side of the aisle experience their Facebook news feed?


Well, thanks to a nifty new tool from the Wall Street Journal – aptly named Blue Feed, Red Feed – you can see it firsthand.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has quickly become a go-to source for political news. However, many experts worry that the social network creates an “echo chamber” that only displays news, insight, and analysis from like-minded friends and media outlets.


It doesn’t take long to notice the massive difference between the “Blue” and “Red” feeds. Users have the options to view liberal and conservative takes on various topics, including Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Guns, ISIS, Barack Obama, and Melania Trump – check it out for yourself!

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