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Pinterest Monthly Users See a 50% Spike

David Bosley

There’s a ton of competition among social media networks, and the field is dominated by the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, but according to new data, Pinterest is starting to make a name for itself in a big way.

Numbers show that Pinterest now attracts approximately 150 million unique users every month, which is a massive uptick from 100 million a year ago. Obviously, the monthly spike is a positive sign for Pinterest as it tries to attract more advertisers and grow it’s revenue stream. However, Pinterest is still up against some stiff competition.

At present, more than seven times as many people check Facebook in a single day, while Instagram’s daily audience is twice the size. Furthermore, Snapchat’s daily audience is about as large as Pinterest’s daily audience, and Twitter’s monthly audience is twice the size of Pinterest’s.

Based on these numbers, it’s obvious which social media outlets are leading the sector, but Pinterest’s 150 million monthly users deserve a lot of respect. If we learn nothing else from these trends, is that peoples’ everyday lives are becoming increasingly digital.

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