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PBJ’s Tribute to the Web’s Best April Fools’ Day Jokes

David Bosley

April Fools’ Day is a big day for the internet, but now that the dust has settled and we can finally start to trust our friends and coworkers again, we’d like to take a moment to applaud some of the best online jokes and gags from April Fools’ Day 2017.

Google Maps Meets Ms. Pacman

Google loves fun and games most days of the year, but on April Fools’ Day, they took it to an entirely new level. If you conducted a search on Google Maps at any point during the day, you probably saw the search engine giant added a Ms. Pacman interface to street maps across the country. Many hours were wasted playing the new spin on this arcade classic.

Snapchat Hijacks Instagram

Snapchat took a shot at payback against Facebook and Instagram on April Fools’ Day. One could argue that Facebook and Instagram “borrowed” Snapchat’s Stories feature and added it to their own apps. In turn, Snapchat offered an April Fools’ Day filter that made snaps look like Instagram posts.

Google Home? Meet Google Gnome

Google’s April Fools’ Day antics didn’t stop at Ms. Pacman. Also, the company released a video promoting “Google Gnome,” a parody of the popular Google Home that is limited to providing outside assistance. Check out the promotional spot, it’s hilarious!
Did you come across any amazing April Fools’ Day jokes online? We want to see them, comment below!

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