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PBJ Marketing Named #1 E-commerce PPC Agency in 2018 by!

Simple, optimal, and straightforward. At PBJ Marketing, we’ve always tried to capture the very best of the benefits of PPC marketing for our clients and their companies. Though our social media and digital strategies, UI/UX design work and search engine optimization skills are also powerful tools in our arsenal of expertise, pay-per-click advertising offers uniquely helpful leverage for businesses and brands looking to advance their outreach and audience.The sheer simplicity of PPC allows for a strategy that can be used at companies’ convenience, depending on the underlying plan at hand. Rather than wait for the build-up of another tactic or have potential growth subject to a host of internal and external influences, PPC allows for easy, efficient control while targeting consumers with the right message at the right place and the right time.PBJ Marketing knows the ins and outs of this segment, and third-party research firms have taken notice. This week, Clutch released its first annual report highlighting the best SEO and PPC companies across a variety of industries. We ranked #1 in the E-commerce PPC category, and this nod to our skills shows that PBJ provides major bang for our partners.Both Clutch and the Manifest, the sister B2B research business insights firm, evaluated our market presence, industry experience and exposure, and client reviews before ranking us among other market leaders for pay-per-click.

PBJ Marketing Top PPC Agency

“In an increasingly digital world, SEO and PPC are critical tools to elevate your brand’s online visibility and reach a wider target audience than traditional advertising permits,” commented Sara Philibotte, a Business Analyst at “We have compiled a carefully vetted list of top SEO and PPC agencies informed by market research and in-depth client reviews. If you’re searching for a partner to help you drive sales through the e-commerce channel, we recommend selecting from these teams with demonstrated success and verified expertise."

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