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Part 1: Building Your Brand’s Mobile Presence

Now more than ever, mobile devices have become a cornerstone of everyday life across the globe. Mobile-optimized sites and apps are critical parts of your brand’s digital experience and significantly bolster sales, generate traffic, and customer engagement.But perhaps most importantly, a strong mobile presence will give your brand a competitive edge over the competition.It’s all about first impressionsYour mobile presence is the gateway to your brand, which means a strong first impression is crucial. To gain better insight on building a strong first impression with your mobile site and app, we turn to one of the most reputable sources around: Think With Google.1.    In this race, the hare beats the tortoiseIn this day and age, users are very impatient, which means mobile sites and apps with slow loading times will perform terribly. Make a concerted effort to ensure users don’t abandon your site or app due to slow loading times. There are numerous speed test tools available to pinpoint the exact location of loading snags and will help improve performance.2.    Let users in the door before the pitchHave you ever walked into a store and been immediately greeted by an aggressive sales clerk before you have a chance to look around? It can be very off-putting! Try to apply the same logic to your mobile site or app. Give users the opportunity to poke around before you ask them to register or collect any other personal information.3.    Write at a middle school levelYou’re an expert in your field, but it’s important to remember that most users won’t know exactly what you’re talking about. Overdoing brand-specific terms in your site's copy can confuse users, so try to clearly communicate concepts as simply as possible.4.    Streamline your search functionMany users’ kneejerk reaction on a new site is to utilize the search function to find exactly what they’re looking for, so make sure that your search results are useful. Functions you need to consider include auto corrections, recognition of root words, predictive text, and suggestions. These types of tools can significantly reduce user errors.5.    Curb your promotionsOne great way to build a loyal user base is to get them to download the app after using your mobile site. However, you need to make this as optional as possible. A restrictive banner forcing users to download your app will cause many users to turn tail and run. Instead, provide an engaging experience on your mobile site while teasing an opt-in to download your app.A strong mobile presence not only elevates your brand and earnings, but it also makes your life (and your clients’ lives) much easier. The team at PBJ Marketing has extensive experience taking our client’s mobile presence to the next level via numerous avenues, including:

  • Mobile App UI/UX Implementation
  • Mobile App Strategy Consulting
  • Platform & Device Testing
  • Apple Store Submission & Approval
  • Mobile Responsive Coding
  • User Experience Design
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