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Organic Facebook Posts Stall, Opening Door for Smaller Companies

David Bosley

Without questions, Facebook is the dominant social media network, which means your brand needs to have a strong presence as a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. However, according to new data, digital marketing professionals need to start shifting their Facebook tactics to stay relevant.


According to a recent report from SocialFlow, publishers’ organic reach on Facebook continues to plummet. So far this year, data shows that the number of people seeing the average post of publishers’ Facebook Pages fell 52%. To come to this conclusion, SocialFlow examined the activity of approximately 300 media companies, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast, and Time, Inc.

“[With] an increasing amount of content and a finite amount of consumer attention, arithmetically there’s no other possible outcome than each individual post on average is going to get less reach,” said SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson.


So what gives?

The organic reach of big brands and publishers’ has been trimmed back in recent years, and the reason is relatively straightforward: Both individuals and pages push a ton of posts onto users’ newsfeeds, and Facebook’s algorithm has tightened its grip on the amount of posts that make it to users. As a result, users are now more likely to see content that keeps them coming back for more.


Keep your brand relevant

According to Marketing Land, the recent change to Facebook’s algorithm re-centers users’ Facebook feeds around their friends and family. Instead of brands’ posts randomly popping onto users’ newsfeeds, they’re much more dependent on shares and likes.

Brands now need compelling social media content more than other, and if you’re on Facebook as much as the team at PBJ Marketing (professionally, of course) you’ve noticed that video is the preferred method of delivery. Since implementing auto-play in 2013, Facebook helped established the future of content, and now that it has had three years to marinate, the results are noticeable.


Your brand needs a strong social media presence to survive, and there’s an excellent opportunity to harness the power of Facebook. The limitations placed on big brands and publishers has opened the door for smaller companies to stand out on social media, and as a result, increase brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, and create additional conversion opportunities.

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