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Online Reviews and What They Mean For You

It’s crucial for digital marketing professionals to get inside the minds of our clients’ prospects. Recognizing their needs, fears, wants, and even dislikes is a critical part of refining a successful digital marketing strategy, and according to a recent survey from Bright Local, an online review is still one of our best research tools.The survey found that 84% of people treat online reviews like personal recommendations and significantly influence their purchase decisions. This is a promising finding for any business, as the survey also found that roughly 70% of people claim they’ll gladly leave a review for a business is asked to.Other key findings to help grow your marketing efforts:

  • More than half of consumers will visit a website after reading positive online reviews
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more
  • Almost 60% of consumers say that the start rating of a company is the most valuable piece of information
  • 73% of consumers think that reviews more than three months old are no longer relevant

Your digital marketing strategy should have a strong mixture of valuable content, an active social media presence, search engine optimization, and email marketing. The team at PBJ Marketing knows these strategies inside and out, and so much more. Now that customer reviews seem to be so highly regarded by consumers, we can start viewing this as another powerful weapon to add to your arsenal.

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