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Nurture Brand Loyalty With Your Very Own Custom App

David Bosley

Getting consumers to stay loyal to your brand isn’t a walk in the park, and according to new data, getting them to download and consistently use your app is becoming even more challenging.

According to comScore, the majority of retailer apps have fallen flat with consumers in recent years, while adoption and retention are generally poor. In fact, the only “traditional” retailer with an app in the top-25 is Walmart.

Experts argue that the answer to this conundrum is “mobile loyalty” through brand loyalty programs. At present, many brand loyalty programs are clumsy, out-of-date, and unable to adapt to new marketplace challenges. However, payment options and loyalty programs are compelling reasons to download a brand’s app and will have users coming back again and again. Check out the Starbucks App for a great example.

At PBJ Marketing, we believe in working closely with our clients to create custom apps that elevate their brand and earning as well as streamline their day-to-day operations. When it comes to customer apps, we’ve done it all. From designing interactive, branded games to developing tools to facilitate collaboration, there are endless possibilities.

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