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New Tech Marketing Tactics You NEED To Learn About

David Bosley

It’s a pretty darn cool time to be a marketer, no doubt. Between creating a Snapchat geofilter for your brand, defining an augmented reality experience for in-store promotions and popping coupons onto your customer’s mobile phones via your app as they drive past your store — let’s just say there’s a lot to play with out there. And marketers love nothing more than to play! Customers love to engage with something that is fun and surprising, which is why you should include these high-tech tactics in your next marketing plan to really supercharge your results.

Augmented Reality

While this technology has actually been around for over a decade, augment reality (AR) is really coming into its own in the past few years. The applications for this interactive tech is expected to grow exponentially to $117.4 billion by 2022 as indicated by research from Markets and Markets. The super big benefit of AR is that it’s not limited to any specific audience segment — everyone loves interacting with their phones and you’ll see surprise and delight from consumers aged 3 – 90 when they see this new version of “real life”. Some great ways you can use this tech in marketing to enhance the customer experience include:

  • Add game-life features to your mobile app to bring consumers into the experience
  • Create a virtual tour within your brick and mortar store
  • Add virtual furniture to your real home — simply by scanning a printed catalog
  • Create more detailed and realistic advertising that literally jumps off the small screen

Snapchat Filters

Sure, we all love playing with Snapchat filters that make you look skinnier, with beautiful skin and hair — or add fun and funky effects such as rainbows coming out of your mouth or the big eyes and puppy ears that you just can’t resist. However, where’s the application for marketing with this tech? Turns out, it’s pretty useful, too. Sponsored Lens and Sponsored Geofilter buys provide smart marketers with the opportunity to place their brand where consumers already live: on social media. Even better, Context Cards allow a way to create deep links within the Snap that will hop right over to your mobile app. Swiping up on a sponsored Snap lets you deliver contextually relevant information to the consumer, all without causing them to leave the Snapchat interface. These highly-shareable filters allow marketers to truly unleash their creativity, with the ability to attach a coupon or product preview right within the app.

Snapchat Geographic Filters

Geofencing and Geotargeting

Location-based marketing is part and parcel of Snapchat’s geofilters, but it can also be leveraged in a variety of different ways outside the platform. Why is this important? Highly relevant content can be pushed directly to consumers based on their geographic location — for instance, as they get close to your store, or when they’re inside your location for hyper-contextual service. Geotargeting and geofencing are slightly different concepts, with geotargeting often referring to a much more granular or targeted area and geofencing grabbing everyone within a certain radius or mapped area regardless of their demographics. These technologies are important due to their ability to deliver highly personalized information through the use of your device’s IP address. Used in concert with beacons, or little location receivers, these top tech tactics provide marketers with a wide range of options, mostly limited by their creativity. Location-based marketing is a bit controversial, as it allows for additional security and privacy concerns on the side of the consumer, so it’s always best to work with a knowledgeable partner when you’re venturing in this direction.

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