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NEW Report: The State of Mobile Advertising | PBJ Marketing

Phillip Reinhardt

Mobile advertising is a huge part of growing your brand and telling your story in this day and age, and according to a recent report from Marin Software, mobile advertising continues to change the way brands spread their word.

The firm’s Mobile Advertising Around the Globe: 2015 Annual Report had three specific (and very intriguing) findings, which you can read more about here.

1. Mobile devices overtake desktops

Just about everyone has a mobile device in their pocket these days, and consumers are spending more time and attention to them than their desktop counterparts. As a result, advertisers are spending more money on smartphone and tablet campaigns to gain consumer attention. This trend isn’t expected to slow anytime soon, which means mobile advertising budgets will continue to spike and may even exceed desktop advertising budgets by the end of 2015.

2. Product research trending towards mobile devices

Product research starts on smartphones and tablets, while desktops are where users go to convert. The report indicates that approximately 40% of all online adults start an activity on one device and finalize on the other. With this in mind, advertisers need to retarget ads seen on mobile to desktop and ensure maximum view-time by engaged consumers.

3. Conversions remain strong on desktop

Desktops and activity in brick-and-mortar locations are still the masters of conversions. Although research tends to start on mobile devices, advertisers are making a push to properly track and record links between mobile clicks and actual conversions.

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