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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Your Brand for the Holiday Season

David Bosley

We might sound crazy, but the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Although the ornaments are still packed away in the attic and stores haven’t started blasting “All I Want for Christmas” just yet, it’s never too early to give your digital marketing strategy a head start.

According to a recent column by Mike Sands, this year, customer identity will top the majority of retailers’ holiday wish lists.

Online shopping informs in-store habits

In-store transactions still account for approximately 80 percent of global retail sales, but most people conduct research online beforehand. Exploring how shoppers browse your products can help you with the layout of a physical store space.

Shoppers are always open for business

Sales on mobile devices are projected to surpass $100 billion for the first time this holiday season. With a mobile device in nearly every pocket, you have the potential to make an impression and enhance the shopping experience 24 hours a day.

Personalization yields increased revenues

Shoppers share an exorbitant amount of information with retailers. As such, you need to stop treating customers like strangers. Instead, eliminate irrelevant introductions and get rid of ads for products and services they’ve already purchased.

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