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Nearly 80% of Social Media Minutes Spent on Mobile

Social media is one of the most compelling (and accessible) tools available to brands, and according to a recent survey conducted by comScore, more users are browsing their social media accounts on-the-go than ever before.That’s right, the company’s 2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus study shows that roughly 80% of all social media time is spent on mobile devices. Facebook still dominates the landscape, with more than 900 average monthly minutes per visitor, but Snapchat is most commonly used by the coveted 18-to-34-year-old demographic with more than 300 average monthly minutes per visitor.Your brand needs a strong social media presence to surviveThere is a tremendous opportunity to harness the power of social media to improve sales and grow your business, but a fundamental lack of understanding holds many brands back from developing a social media marketing plan. PBJ Marketing has the tools and insight to help you out and guarantee the following results:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • More conversion opportunities
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better brand authority
  • Additional inbound traffic
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Richer customer experiences
  • More customer insight
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