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Mobile Dominates on Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sales

David Bosley

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the start of the holiday shopping season, and as expected, activity this year was bigger than ever.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of data to come out of the last few days was the record number e-commerce sales. It appears that consumers are tired of fighting crowds and taking elbows to the face in order to get in-store deals – making it more important than ever to enlist the services of a digital marketing agency to bring your mobile site up to snuff.

According to Adobe’s data, mobile devices drove more mobile site visits on Black Friday (55%) than their desktop counterparts. Meanwhile, on Cyber Monday, Adobe found that mobile devices were responsible for 56% of total site visits.

Numbers are still coming in, but Adobe anticipates online sales to top $3 billion, while ComScore projects 116 million people to visit online stores.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, it’s time to act as mobile users continue to dwarf desktop. Simple steps to improve your mobile site, such as simplifying your site layout, creating mobile-friendly buttons, and optimized landing pages can significantly bolster your conversions and let you see serious ROI.

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