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What Are Micro-Moments in Marketing and Why Do You Care?

Phillip Reinhardt

Every consumer has dozens — if not hundreds — of moments during the day where they make decisions based on an external stimulus. This could be everything from researching a new product or service, feeling a need to make a purchase or discovering a brand-new type of product. The experts at Google have come up with a name for these turning points in an individual’s day: micro-moments. Each micro-moment in marketing is another opportunity to authentically connect with your audience, grow your brand awareness or even make a sale. Here’s why you need to be actively considering how your brand appears in the few seconds your consumer is putting aside for their full attention. 

Micro-Moments Are Defining Our Days

Micro-moments in marketing are what Google calls “intent-rich moments” when consumers are poised on the brink of making a discovery or a purchase. Decisions are being made, and preferences are being shaped — all in that single moment of time. Our immediate gratification society wants to know that they have access to nearly anything that they need or want to learn in only a few taps or clicks on their device of choice.

People are much less likely to schedule an hour in their day for car shopping research, for instance. Instead, a potential buyer may have a free moment as they’re bored in a meeting or standing in line at the grocery checkout to browse. If brands are able to capitalize on this intent-rich moment by delivering a relevant message, they could turn this vaguely-engaged browser into someone who is ready to move to the next stage of the buying process. 

Creating Immediate Micro-Moments

Adjusting Your Marketing for Micro

As marketers, we spend a great deal of time perfecting our messaging to ensure that we are sharing everything that we can with consumers. We want to be sure that there are few outstanding questions or reasons not to make a purchase. In doing so, we often over-complicate the core messaging that helps consumers quickly determine that your product or service will adequately solve their felt need. Micro-moment marketing requires us to get even more creative and cull our amazing content down to the single nugget that will help customers take the leap to purchase or want to learn more about your brand. 

Essentially, you have to grab their attention (in a positive way). 

This requires that you stringently review your marketing content to be sure it is wholly focused on solving the problem the customer has at that very moment. Are they searching for a car rental for an unexpected trip? That $15 per day discount coupon is likely to catch their eye and make an easy sale. Is your consumer starting the search for a new home? Seeing the exceptional reviews for your business and a targeted ad for the neighborhood they’re interested in could add enough relevance to your ad to help you gain a new customer.

Don’t Make This Mistake

Many eCommerce marketers are all about the sale — capture their content info and drive customers through the sales funnel to a landing page. With micro-moment marketing, this isn’t always the best solution. If your customer isn’t yet ready to purchase, this tactic will simply turn them off and send them to your competitor. Instead, think of clear and simple interactions that add value for the prospect while allowing you to gain permission to deepen the conversation.