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Make a Cost-Saving Switch. Outsource Your Content Marketing

There are many cost-saving reasons to utilize PBJ Marketing's many digital services, and a new study from Kapost highlights the benefits of a company outsourcing to a qualified digital agency. Content creation can be one of the most efficient, and highly valuable, services to outsource to a dedicated, experienced, and strategic digital marketing and SEO team. According to the study, the average cost to keep in-house staff needed to produce good-quality and relevant content comes with a heavy $120,000 annual price tag. However, this cost doesn't always include the backend strategy, development, and technology to properly promote and utilize content marketing to ensure the best Search Engine Optimization results.

Time & Money – Striking A Difficult Balance

Perhaps the most shocking takeaway from the report paints a costly trend. Across the United States, it’s estimated that companies cumulatively lose -just shy of- $1 billion every year on inefficient content marketing processes.“Poorly managed and cumbersome content management processes bloat bottom line costs, to an estimated $958M each year in inefficient and ineffective content marketing for mid-to-large B2B organizations,” the report said. “Yes, your organization is probably contributing to a fraction of that estimate. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for marketing leaders to quantify these inefficiencies and justify optimization of content production processes – until now.”

How PBJ Marketing Helps Your Business

Getting in touch with PBJ Marketing is the first step to improve your company’s website and solidify its brand and web presence. With a long list of satisfied clients, we’re eager to serve your company in the following ways:1) Creative Design – With over 10 years of experience spanning the creation of complete brands as well as creating the small stuff that engages users, our designers and directors are highly knowledgeable in trending designs. Our work is created with an emphasis on Graphic Design, Branding & Identity, and User Interface Design2) Digital Development – At PBJ, we understand that User Experience is more than skin deep. Even the most visually engaging website loses its luster quickly if it’s difficult to navigate, hard to find, or thin on content. That’s why we offer Custom Website Development, iOS & Android Development, and Social Media Infrastructure3) Digital Marketing - We’ll dig deep into your analytics, review your web layout and make recommendations to optimize your shopping cart, increase conversions, increase your Average Order Value, and keep your customers coming back. It’s a simple concept: a customer can’t use you if they can’t find you, which is why we provide extensive digital marketing services spanning eCommerce Marketing, SEO & SEM, and PPC & Adwords4) Digital Infrastructure – You can’t build a house without solid foundation, and the same goes for your website. A cutting edge website starts with strong Brand Development, and Market Research, all while PBJ offers Hosting & Maintenance

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PBJ Marketing: Phillip Reinhardt
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