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Think Local, Not Global, to Find eCommerce Success

Phillip Reinhardt

The whole point of eCommerce is to sell to people far beyond the reach of your physical stores, right? Not necessarily — you also want to provide local shoppers with the convenience of shopping online PLUS the knowledge that they’re supporting a local brand. Local eCommerce marketing is something that’s often overlooked but has been quietly growing over the past few years. Think about the way you shop for groceries from your local grocery store. Are you effectively ordering items online and then picking them up? These local eCommerce strategies will help boost your sales in your own backyard.

Geo-Targeted Emails

Many eCommerce businesses have found that maintaining an active email marketing list is one of the best ways to quickly inform buyers of special sales and new product releases. While you may still be sending the same emails to everyone on your list, you can benefit greatly by gathering additional details that allow you to target your email messages more tightly. When you capture something as simple as a zip code or city/state combo in your customer relationship database, this allows you to send messages that are specific to your area.

Local Search

Optimizing your website for local search is crucial for businesses that offer walk-in trade. It is unusual for shoppers to browse beyond the first page of search results, and there are key SEO tactics that you can utilize to keep your business top of mind to prospects who are searching for something “near me”. Content marketing with a local flair is one of the best ways to establish your brand as a trusted voice in the community. Garnering reviews for your business is another great tactic that will help boost your local search rankings. Instead of waiting for reviews, try driving customers to create a review by offering discounts or special options to those individuals who are your best customers. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, it’s important to optimize the underpinnings of your website for search.

Local Product Marketing

Targeted App Marketing

There are many apps such as Waze that provide instructions to navigate between two points. Fascinating, right? Well, these apps make money by offering in-app advertising for local businesses. This works by tracking the location of an individual’s phone and delivering targeted offers to individuals in that area. Hungry? Drop by to grab a pizza! Need your oil changed? We are open and ready — and here’s a $5 coupon. These tactics are surprisingly adaptable for your business model and can be very successful when implemented properly.

Social Media Interaction

Are you fully utilizing the social media options at your disposal? There are plenty of low-cost or free ways to drive local interaction with your eCommerce business by interacting with other local brands, running specials via targeted social media ads and more. Snapchat filters created in their Lens Studio that pop up in a specific geographic vicinity are one of the newest ways brands are interacting with potential customers. Creating a fun and engaging way for customers to view your brand keeps you top of mind — plus, your followers are actively sharing your brand each time they share a snap! Look for ways to collaborate with local influencers in exchange for discounts or free items. You may find that this community-based viral marketing is more effective than creating advertising in some instances.