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Live Video: The Next Generation of Audience Engagement

Roughly 64 percent of consumers make a purchase after viewing a social video, says Forbes. As conversion rates go, that's huge. Why wouldn't you want your startup to cash in on those kinds of numbers?But how?We have the skinny on how and where to do a live stream, what to do and say once you're on the air, and how to engage with those potential clients who may be watching. If you've previously shunned the whole "live on Facebook" experience, here's why you'll want to change your ways starting today. The success of your business depends on it.

Viewers Love Content That's Well-Targeted

If you can make it, targeted, digital ads on Facebook can sell it. Why? Because Approximately 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day, which makes this a hot market for nearly any business, service or product out there. Facebook's platform is one of the best for allowing marketers to zero in on demographics. You can target your ads by region, common interests, age, sex and even by the books they read and the television shows they're watching. If you know who it is you're trying to reach, Facebook can make it happen.But why live stream?Why? Because statistically speaking, over 80 percent of viewers prefer live streams to posts. We can get you online and in front of exactly the right audience to make your conversion rate soar.

America Lives (and Shops) Online

According to the PEW Research Center, 88 percent of young adults, aged 18 to 29, use social media. But they're not the only ones chatting up a digital storm. Among those aged 30 to 49, 78 percent engage on social media, while 64 percent of Americans ages 50 to 64 do the same. Even older Americans, those over the age of 65, are now using social media. With every age group represented, online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can't be ignored. If your brand isn't online, you're missing a huge opportunity in today's world where eight out of ten people regularly shop online.

Everyone Wants a Front-Row Seat to Behind-the-Scenes Content

If you're regularly posting live from an on-site location, you're putting a face to your brand. And consumers tend to trust people over products. You're letting consumers know who you are, what you stand for and that you're there for them should a problem arise. And if you can give viewers a little behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on in the stockroom or the studio -- places customers typically can't go -- you get extra points for that. People love secrets, even ones they heard via live stream on social media.

Loyal Customers Expect Quality Content

But it's not enough to go live just to push that Labor Day sale once a year. Loyal consumers expect more. They want to see footage of the new store expansion. They'd love a front row seat when your employees participate in that 5k run for charity. Are you working on a cover for that new book or hosting guest speakers at the next conference? Live stream from location to let the world know. Live sessions like these on social media not only keep current customers interested and excited about your brand, they draw in new potential clients as well. People feel like they're getting to know you, and in the business world, recognition is always a good thing.

Consumers Want to Be Recognized too

During your live stream, you'll want to talk to your individual viewers. Give them a call-out by name, and thank them for watching. Read the comments during and after your streaming session to see what people are saying about your brand. And if someone has an issue with one of your products or services, and takes time to bring it to your attention during a live stream, make sure you address it. Consumers hate being ignored, especially when they have a legitimate concern. The more you communicate with your customers, the better your relationship will become.When you're ready to take customer engagement to the next level of awesome, contact PBJ Marketing. We know everything there is to know about streaming live content on powerhouse sites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and we'll get your message across in the right way. We'll make you look good, and looking good drives conversion. Give live streaming a try today.

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