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Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Trends in Healthcare Marketing?

Phillip Reinhardt

With the commoditization of healthcare, it’s no longer enough to have the best staff, the quickest wait times and the comfiest offices and wait for word to get around to get new patients. Today’s successful healthcare practices are leveraging the hottest new trends in marketing to ensure that they are the top search result, that their online reviews are exceptional and that every patient would feel comfortable making a recommendation on social media. This shift in marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight, but pushing forward with this direction will help bring in new patients — and protect your practice from excessive patient turnover. If you fail to recognize these trends, you could find yourself spending your hard-earned dollars on marketing tactics that no longer bring in new patients, the lifeblood of every medical practice. See how the latest trends in healthcare marketing will help you streamline your spending and focus on the activities with the highest return on your marketing investment.

Online Reputation Management

Reputations can be quickly lost, especially in small towns throughout America. It’s all too easy for disgruntled patients to air their complaints to the word through Google or Yelp! reviews, and there’s little that the practice owner can do to repudiate the problems except to publicly respond. While this can help right the wrong, the poor review often remains even after the issue has been resolved. One of the best ways to reduce the impact of negative reviews is to ensure that your practice has an overabundance of positive reviews. This only occurs through a dedicated and proactive system in place to request reviews from your best patients — and yes, with up to 86% of consumers refusing to visit a business with poor reviews, this is a big part of your marketing strategy!

Become a Trusted Source for Knowledge

Content marketing is another underutilized marketing tool for healthcare providers. Even if a patient doesn’t need your services this moment, if you’re able to solve a problem for them or answer a question then they are more likely to look your way when they do need a service that you provide. This information can be shared in a variety of ways, such as your healthcare practice’s website, on social media or to a mailing list of patients. Quick, timely answers to common questions are the most likely to get a second look — or even be shared with friends and family members.

Growing Your Practice with Digital Marketing

Optimize Your (Online) Presence

Having a website that people want to visit means creating a mobile-friendly view that ranks well with search engines such as Bing or Google. Creating a highly-ranked site is composed of a variety of factors:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Ever-changing and highly relevant content
  • Online ratings from reputable sources
  • Efficient use of keywords
  • Local presence
  • Social media presence

Search engines target content for one reason only: to provide the searcher with the right answer to their question in the first page of their search results. The teams at major search engines spend a great deal of time optimizing their algorithms in such a way that it is difficult for businesses to “cheat”. One of the best ways to win the bidding war for placement is to truly be more relevant than your competitors! While it takes time to implement, creating a solid online presence is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.