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Keep Users Coming Back with These 7 Carousel Ad Tips

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s official, Facebook Carousel Ads are extremely popular, and appear to be the go-to social media marketing tools for brands these days. Although these five-frame ads seem to be relatively straightforward, SocialTimes has a few tips to keep in mind before putting them into action.

1. Always tell a story – Rather than treat a carousel ad as a product display, think of it as telling a story. Every image should be related to its predecessor and create a compelling story arch that draws in the user.

2. Start strong – The first image or video of a carousel ad sets the tone, so make sure it’s a good one. Your brand is competing with a lot of other content, and a strong first impression will grab a user’s attention.

3. Make users “need to complete” – Don’t reveal too much information on the first and second frame. Instead, tell just enough to keep users engaged and keep them thumbing through the ad.

4. Keep it uniform – Think of your carousel ad as the acts of a play or scenes from a movie. You wouldn’t replace an actor or inexplicably change the setting between, would you? Keep your images uniform to create continuation.

5. Copy is still important – Although images heavily drive carousel ads, you still need to give the caption copy a lot of thought. Weak copy is the quickest way to lose a user’s attention.

6. Don’t forget about branding – It’s easy to get lost in the story-telling aspect of a carousel ad and forget that the ultimate goal is to promote your brand. Ensure the images and copy used remain on brand.

7. Create actionable ads – Once you gain a user’s attention with your carousel ad, it’s now time to convert. Strong and prominent calls to action are important and should always be linked back to relevant landing pages.

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