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It’s Time to Revitalize Your Social Media Campaign

Phillip Reinhardt

Promoting your brand through social media may seem straightforward, but without a solid social media strategy in place, it could fall on deaf ears. At PBJ Marketing, our team specializes in social media infrastructure, and in today’s interactive environment, growing your brand takes a lot more than just exchanging business cards.


We “bump” smartphones, swap Twitter handles (@PBJmarketing, FYI), “friend” on Facebook, and if we want to learn more – we Google it. Your customers are making connections in the same way. Not only are they buying products and services, but they’re also talking about them on any number of social networks. Today’s social media takes the word of mouth about your brand to an entirely new level.


It pays off when you see results from promoting your brand on social media, and with the following tips you can diversify your efforts and experience the positive impact.



Businesses and consumers love to keep up with profiles and handles that offer daily or weekly specials, so why not make it part of your social strategy? Social media specials receive some of the highest engagement rates and keep users coming back week after week.


Guest posts

Break up your posting schedule by collaborating with industry thought leaders or external companies to give your social media presence a fresh voice. Guest blogs have endless potential, but make sure you have a strategy in place, so you and your guests are on the same page and share objectives.



Whether it’s for the start of the NFL season, exciting company event, or new product launch, countdowns allow you to build hype around happenings relevant to your brand. Also take this time to create solid content to release once the countdown reaches zero.



Once considered a niche social media platform, Snapchat is now the fastest-growing player in the game. Consider your brand Millennial-friendly? Then many of your followers are probably on Snapchat. Earlier this year the company launched Snapcodes, which makes cross-channel promotions even easier.


Image series

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why would you limit yourself to 140 characters when you can launch a successful image series? Imagery leads to increased engagement, and a well-planned image series serves as promotional building blocks for your brand.

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