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It Pays to Have a PPC Campaign

Most respectable brands with an online presence have a paid search account. However, just because an account exists doesn’t mean it automatically has a coherent strategy.PPC & AdWordsWhile SEO can drastically increase the amount of organic traffic that your website receives, PPC and AdWord campaigns are great for generating virtually instant results. In our experience, the two work hand in hand when it comes to raising companies' profiles online.PBJ’s approach puts a strong focus on measuring results and improving performance to ensure you get a maximum return on your investment. By actively monitoring your campaigns and web analytics, your company can evolve and respond to the changing needs and desires of your customers.Building an effective PPC strategyPutting together a solid PPC strategy from scratch is no easy task, but with these three tips, you’re taking a step in the right direction:

  1. Take a step back. Assess the overall situation of your brand’s online presence and its need for a PPC strategy. What are the key challenges you’re currently facing? Evaluate the competitive landscape and establish your PPC goals.
  2. Build your playbook. After you complete a rigorous assessment of your brand’s PPC situation, PBJ will help develop policies to follow that will help reach your goals.
  3. Put it into action. Develop a coordinated set of initiatives and optimizations that support your newly- designed playbook.
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