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iOS vs. Android Users: How Do They Treat Push Notifications

David Bosley

The vast majority of web browsing takes place on mobile devices, and it’s paramount that your brand has its mobile presence in good working order.

At PBJ Marketing, we believe in developing custom apps for our clients, resulting in higher earnings and streamlined day-to-day operations. When it comes to developing custom iOS and Android apps, we want our clients to work smarter, not harder.

But when we compare iOS and Android users and their relationships with apps, a recent study from Leanplum finds that there is a significant disparity.

Android users are more responsive, but iOS users are quick to the draw


According to the study, Android users have an average open rate of 3.48% for push notifications. Although this may seem low, compare it to iOS users who average a push notification open rate of just 1.77%.

Despite the difference, the study also found when iOS users do open push notifications, they do so at a much faster clip. On average, iOS users take just seven minutes to respond to notifications, while Android users take a (comparatively) astronomical 48 minutes; but why the difference?

Chalk it up to design differences


Experts argue that iOS lags behind Android push notification engagement rates due to a significant difference in user interface. On Android devices, messages “stick” around longer in the lock screen, which requires users to acknowledge the notification in one way or another. In contrast, once an iOS user unlocks their screen, a push notification moves straight to the notification tray, resulting in an “out of sight, out of mind” conundrum for brands.

We understand the power of the mobile experience


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, a significant portion of your brand’s success hinges on its mobile presence. Luckily, the seasoned team at PBJ Marketing understands the power of the mobile experience and how to harness its power for your brand.

From rapid response rates and compelling content to streamlined search functions and inviting interfaces, we understand every aspect of mobile design for both iOS and Android users. Are you ready to take you brand’s mobile experience to a whole new level?

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