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Improve Your AdWords Campaign with Ad Extensions

David Bosley

We know everything there is to know about Google AdWords. So much so, that many of our clients take full advantage of the Google Ad Grant Program, which significantly improves their brands’ reach across search results.

Google AdWords is foreign territory to a lot of people, but not us. To prove it, we recently put our knowledge to the test and passed with flying colors. Search Engine Land put together a challenging quiz on AdWords Extensions and we got a perfect score (you can even check out our certificate above!)

Click here to test your own knowledge of AdWords Extensions

For those of you who could use a refresher before you take the quiz, take a moment to review the following information on AdWords Extensions and how they can be harnessed to improve your company’s online presence.

What the Heck Are AdWords Extensions?

First, take a moment to familiarize yourself AdWords from the “what is an AdWord?” section of PBJ’s white paper covering Google Ad Grants.

For those of you who already know…

Extensions are a type of ad format that significantly expand the amount of information included on Google text ads, resulting in improved visibility and additional value. The type of additional information includes:

  • Sitelinks that take users directly to Store Hours, Store Locator, Delivery Services, Special Promotions, or Product Pages
  • Call Extensions that give mobile users the option to contact your company directly
  • Location Extensions that use GPS to provide information on distance and directions to a store or business address

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