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Hoping To Get Lucky Today? Use Lucky Orange To Help You Increase Conversions

David Bosley

Make Your Own Luck

Marketers have a love/hate relationship with data: they love it when someone provides them with actionable insights, but often hate it when they’re presented with piles of “meaningless” information. There has to be a nugget in there somewhere that will supercharge sales for the next quarter, right? It’s too easy to become mired in data points and enter the circular realm of paralysis of analysis — when nothing moves forward while you continually debate the finer points of visitor intentionality for days. What if instead you could quickly glance at a dashboard that provided you with the meaningful stats that show you exactly where you need to optimize your process or sales funnel? Guess what: it’s your lucky day!

What is Lucky Orange?

There are a number of components that make up Lucky Orange, but ultimately it represents conversion optimization at its finest. Tools include dynamic heatmaps, recordings of visitor interactions with your website that you can play back at a later time, a clear dashboard, integrated chat functionality, form analytics, polls, conversion funnels and more. Everything together adds up to a suite of resources you deploy on your site that capture impactful user interaction data from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Not only is the data aggregated at a high level so you can see trends, you can also trace an individual customer journey to determine where a potential breakdown occurs in the process — and solve it before it causes you to lose sales. 

Understanding Website Interaction

In a perfect world, every prospect who comes to your website has a single goal: to make a purchase. Well, put away that dreamland and welcome to reality: where the majority of prospects are simply window shopping and glancing through your website to see if there’s anything there that catches their eye. It takes a lot of eye-catching to convince them to take a step to sign up for a newsletter . . . and eventually to convert to a paying customer. Depending on your products or services, how targeted your marketing is and the marketing you’re doing to drive people to your site, you may have people in a variety of different stages of their journey at any one time. Throwing darts at your computer screen and hoping to hit something on the page you can “optimize” hasn’t been effective in the past, but how can you truly understand how people are interacting with your website?

Optimizing Your Conversion Rate

Stacked Components

The various components of Lucky Orange work together so marketers don’t have to get lucky — they’re making good decisions based on solid data points instead. Form analytics provide detailed feedback on whether there are specific fields within your form that cause abandonment, and which ones take the longest to fill out so you can iron out any friction points. Online chat allows you to have real-time conversations with prospects who have been on your site too long or who seem to be hung up in a particular checkout step. Dynamic heat maps let you see individual user behavior aggregated at a higher level showing clicks, movement of the mouse and depth of scroll down a page to determine if people are jumping off before they see your critical message. Have people who are making a single purchase but not returning? Polls are an easy way to find out why. Maybe the user didn’t get their Wheaties that morning, or perhaps they accidentally fell into the wrong marketing bucket and didn’t get added to a followup list for reorders.

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