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How to Show your Google+ Image in Search Results | Google+

David Bosley

Google Plus Logo ImageBelow is a simple guide to Google+ Authorship Markup to allow your picture to show up next to blog posts in Google searches.

How to Sync your Google+ Profile to your Blog Posts:

1. Create a personal Google+ Profile and fill in all details including a profile picture.

2. Go to your G+ profile and click on “About” and then under the Links section click on “edit”. Then under the ”Contributor to” section you should add the name of your website blog and a link to the blog url. For example, I have linked my personal G+ profile https://plus.google.com/115014316246955259292/posts to the PBJ Promotions Blog with the URL www.pbjmarketing.com/blog

3. Visit https://plus.google.com/authorship and enter your website domain name email address. When you receive the email notification, click “Verify” to complete the setup.

4. Next, login into your wordpress admin panel, go to Users and find your Profile to add your Google+ profile URL and save changes.

5. Visit https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets and enter the url of one of your recent posts that lists your name as the author. For example, https://pbjmarketing.com/easy-way-to-disable-mailchimp-double-opt-in-for-word-press/ successfully shows that my personal G+ profile is successfully linked to my website author user. Your G+ profile image should appear for your blog post when your test it for your domain url.

Here is an example of our blog post of how to disable the mailchimp double-opt-in:

Google Plus Authorship

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