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Let’s Talk Shop: Shifting Consumer Habits

David Bosley

Consumer habits change so often nowadays that it’s difficult for brands to keep up. However, according to Marketing Land columnist Merrily McGugan, companies that don’t try to adapt to shifting consumer habits will get left in the dust.


In early 2015, Domino’s set a bizarre bar for molding consumer habits by allowing pizza addicts to order late night service by just tweeting a pizza emoji at the brand’s handle. Remember that? Such a move further blurs the line between technology and consumer brands, and many experts argue that the slower it takes companies to get ahead of the technological curve the harder it will be to stay relevant.


Take television for example. eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2016, more than 5.5 million households will cut the cord on their TV subscriptions in favor of cheaper alternatives. For example, in February 2016, approximately 182.2 million viewers in the United States watched YouTube videos, while Snapchat and Facebook receive 10 billion and 8 billion daily video views, respectively.

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