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Reaching a Digitally Savvy Audience: How to Market to Millennials

Phillip Reinhardt

Very few businesses today can survive without a strong base of Millennial customers. In 2017, Millennials had an estimated $1.3 trillion in purchasing power. By the end of the year, that was determined to be more than any other generation.

Unfortunately, Millennials are quite tricky to market to. They’re less trusting of traditional advertising and marketing channels than their parents and grandparents were. They’re more likely to conduct their own research rather than trust the information provided to them directly by brands. Having grown up in the digital world, they’re incredibly savvy when it comes to technology.

Because of this, marketing to Millennials is somewhat tricky. There are still plenty of viable strategies to reach them, however, and as they continue to spend more, the rewards will be well worth it. Here are three ways you can start marketing to Millennials more effectively:

1. Hammer Social Media

We know that Millennials are extremely active on social media but you might be surprised to find out exactly how important social platforms are to them. A report completed by Adobe Digital Insights found that Millennials find social media advertising to be more relevant than any other channel, including television, website banners, and videos. Make sure to take the time to tailor your campaigns specifically to Millennials and target them voraciously. It’s usually one of your very best chances to get in front of them.

Your social media strategy can and should go beyond advertising. Create great content (see our next section on exactly how to do this) and share it regularly to build your audience. Or, you can run social media contests to get Millennials engaged and excited about your brand.

Social media needs to be a critical component of your Millennial marketing strategy.

2. Create Great Content

Millennials aren’t immune to advertisements and branded content, they’re just extremely wary of them. If you want to create something that resonates with them, it has to be worth their time. In short, it needs to be:

  • Authentic – it’s tough to slip something by a digitally savvy consumer. You can’t simply say things like “the best around!”. You need to provide concrete examples. What do you do well? How do you do it? Leverage testimonials or case studies as much as possible.
  • Valuable – Millennials won’t buy something or give you their email address just because you ask nicely. You must give them a compelling reason to take the next step, even if it’s just the promise of information that interests them.
  • Brief – attention spans are shorter than ever. There’s a never-ending stream of digital content available, so you need to grab their attention and move them to the next step quickly. If your ads have too much text or your content is too long, they’ll simply scroll past it and find something that’s a bit less time-consuming.

3. Go Deeper

Marketing to all Millennials at the same time is impossible because not every Millennial is the same. A 30-year-old male living in Florida will have distinctly different interests than a 21-year-old female living in Minnesota, for example. Segment your Millennial audiences in a much more granular way. The more targeted a message is, the more likely it is to be authentic and valuable, and thus more powerful.

Implementing strategies to successfully marketing to Millennials takes a bit of time but it’s far from impossible. By understanding what matters to them and taking the advice discussed above you’ll reach them more effectively and be able to tap into their massive spending power.