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Give Your PPC Account a Health Check-Up

David Bosley

An un-optimized PPC campaign can burn through your budget in no time flat, leaving you with empty pockets and trying to figure out exactly what happened. However, when you are able to balance the campaign management with knowledge of your audience — something truly magical can happen. Ad costs plummet and success skyrockets, and that’s what we all want, right?!? If your campaign has been ticking along merrily for a while and doing pretty well, you may be loath to test anything new and risk causing a problem. However, there are always ways to refresh your campaign that will allow you to improve your advertising ROI. See how popping the hood for a quick health check on your PPC account can save you money.

Re-Calibrate Your Targeted Marketing

Improving PPC Campaigns

Everyone from startup entrepreneurs to seasoned marketing professionals consider PPC to be a valid platform for promotion for a variety of different businesses. However, the reality is that not ever product is a perfect fit for each audience. If you’ve noticed your pay-per-click advertising costs creeping up over the months, it could be that your audience is no longer as receptive to the idea, or that something has shifted in the market. Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics.com notes that you may be throwing good money after bad by attempting to target an audience that isn’t quite ready for your message. Re-calibrating your campaign audiences may provide you with a quick boost in engagement.

Tiny Steps to Improvement

Creating a killer PPC campaign (or five) isn’t a case of “set it and forget it” — far from it. Successful pay-per-click advertising requires ongoing review and improvement, starting with keyword research, flowing through your landing page creation, launch of the campaign, monitoring and eventually gathering feedback to make the next campaign even more successful. While this may seem like a lot of work to keep your account in good standing, each step builds together to provide you with a firm foundation for your digital marketing.

Optimization Checklist

When you go to your doctor, they go down a list of potential ailments, checking boxes and asking questions as they go. Your PPC health check is similar — and the pros at SearchEngineWatch have a free checklist that will help you get the most out of your accounts. Here’s a snapshot of their recommendations, or you can read the entire post here.

  • Review your quality score. This doesn’t mean simply looking at the quality of your ad copy. Your landing page is likely to offer the best opportunity for improvements. Ad score affects the cost of your ads and how often they are shown to interested audiences.
  • Check ad reach. When you properly optimize your campaigns, they are only showing in the locations most likely to drive an action.
  • Guard against wasted spend. Checking for negative keywords can be one of the best ways to reduce waste in your PPC account.
  • Incrementally improve conversion rates. Again, landing pages can make a huge difference in the efficacy of your PPC ads. Your site should load quickly, be highly relevant — and most importantly — mobile friendly.
  • Audit ad labels. Whether you’re using a single keyword ad group or using up to 15-20 keywords per campaign, reviewing your ad labels for clarity can improve your ability to perform quick analysis and optimization on your account.
  • Track conversions — always. Use Google Tags to ensure that you always have transparency into the keywords or keyword groups that are driving the most conversions. Note: this may or may not be the most traffic: conversions are much more important.