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Five Surprising Ways to Market With YouTube

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of today’s leading buyer attractions. A slew of researchers, innovative marketers, and economic experts have weighed in on the multimedia sensation—and the responses are unanimous across the board: Millennials have brought YouTube to new heights. In fact, according to Socialbakers, roughly four in five Millennials watch videos when shopping online.

Unsurprisingly, today’s marketers aren’t only using YouTube—but siphoning it into other social media campaigns. People spend roughly one billion hours, per day, consuming the platform’s content. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, either, given the many powerful YouTube strategies currently in existence. Check out these five great YouTube marketing strategies, and get ready to overclock one of the strongest marketing resources around.

Strategy One: Title and Description Optimization

In 2018, online shoppers will judge a book by its cover—and they’ll turn away from YouTube content which isn’t effectively branded. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, too. It isn’t enough to play into objective marketing approaches. You’ll need to get a little creative, syncing your title with the content’s description.

You’ll also need to pay attention to SEO and keyword flow—as rigid, pure-rank-merit keywords are quickly falling by the wayside. Stuffing keywords throughout your YouTube description isn’t only uninviting—it’s worthy of a channel penalty.

Strategy Two: Embrace YouTube Cards

YouTube cards are still fresh, but they’re established enough to garner cross-channel appreciation. YouTube cards boost channel interactivity, pointing online watchers to specific website URLs. They also feature actionable titles, images, and slogans. You’d be right in guessing their effectiveness as part of a YouTube video analytics strategy. The cards can serve as your follower click-through gauge, boosting your overall knowledge about what makes your customers come back for more.

Strategy Three: Get Branded

Few campaigns survive, these days, without additional professional support. You might have great content, but does your channel look professional enough? Is it visually appealing? Ideally, you’ll get your visitors to subscribe—pushing your brand further across other channels via their preferences.

If you have a blog or even a landing page, the time has never been better to use it. If you’re already branded, and if you’re pursuing new horizons, check out our advice about building new brand options.

Education is a solid digital marketing resource.

Strategy Four: Socialize!

Needless to say, a little branding won’t go a long way unless your fans are dedicated to your growing network. Touch base with your viewers, and encourage them to comment on your videos, give feedback and spread the enjoyment of your brand. As a nugget of wisdom: Kick off your soon-to-be brand loyalists by giving them value.

67 percent of Millennials consider YouTube to be a reliable knowledge source. More than ever, they’re watching how-to videos, cooking videos, wildlife documentaries, and even educational tutoring videos. Try crafting an enjoyable, educational foundation for your viewers. Don’t overlook YouTube’s fine social aspects, but foster your appreciation for it as a natural learning environment.

Strategy Five: Live Stream

In the age of Twitch gamers, instant-access news, SMS and email blasts, hopping aboard the real-time train is a one-way ticket to success in YouTube. Go live, and show your face every so often. Customers love connecting an appearance to a brand, and they’ll appreciate a wholesome approach to digital marketing. Create a live series, and mesh this strategy with the one above. If you give users a return on their investment—they’ll never leave your side.