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Find Your Niche: Creating Content for the RIGHT Audience

Finding Your Niche

It’s a common misconception that you need to produce content that everyone finds interesting. Although this may have been the case in the past, nowadays, people are so inundated with content that it’s critical to find your niche.

Specialization is the name of the game

According to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, the top 2 things that make content useful are audience relevance and compelling storytelling. When determining your area of content expertise, select something that you know and are passionate about, no matter how small the audience. In fact, in many cases - the smaller and more targeted the better.When is the last time you read a blog, watched a video, or explored an infographic that was so high-level that it said nothing at all? It probably wasn’t gratifying and you considered it a big waste of time. Stick to what you know, and users will keep coming back for more.

Choosing a niche saves time, effort, and money

Every year, almost $1 billion is wasted producing redundant content that has no chance of standing out, according to a study conducted by Kapost. Meanwhile, between 2014 and 2015, there was an 8% decline in the effectiveness of content marketing.To combat these stats, rather than producing content around a broad theme or industry, content marketers are now required to address particular audiences. Discussing what you know should come easy, and you’ll save time, effort, and money, all while establishing your brand as an industry thought leader.

How do you select your niche?

According to content marketer Andrew Davis, “Paradoxically, the more information sources available to the consumer, the more niche-focused content creators must become and the more successful they’ll be.”Start by thinking about what you’re passionate about, and then research how well that niche is being served. Chances are you’ll discover an underserved island in a raging river of content.

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