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Could Facebook Live be the next YouTube?? YES

David Bosley

Facebook Live is a global phenomenon, with engagement statistics proving without a doubt that this new way of reaching individuals is here to stay. MediaKix stats show that celebrities, brands and influencers are leveraging this platform to command unheard-of engagement rates of up to 20 percent for their Live content.  Facebook was taking no chances on its success, seeding the pot in 2016 and early 2017 by paying social standouts and big-name publishers millions of dollars to begin using the platform. This new way of consuming video content encourages in-the-moment conversations, with Live videos gaining comments and likes at over 10 times the rate of traditional Facebook videos.

What do all of these statistics spell for digital marketers? A great way to reach your audience with compelling content that will engage them on a personal level.

Good stuff. Let’s talk about the benefits for your brand and how you can get started.

Fun and Fresh Content

One of the toughest jobs a marketer has is to restate the same information in a compelling way dozens — if not hundreds — of times on an annual basis. What if you could take the same messages that you’ve been using as print and create a compelling (and inexpensive!) video that could draw thousands of potential customers? Facebook Live is one of the best ways to reach a broader audience, as long as you’re creating content that is engaging on a personal level. The last thing you want to do is “talk at” your audience. Have your Facebook Live host be someone with TONS of personality, someone who is willing to go off-script and engage in the moment. Audience members love it when you call out their name as their comment scrolls by on the screen. This may take a little practice to get someone who can organically hop around the text, but once you nail it, the results are well worth the trouble.

Desktop or Mobile Streaming

Stuck behind a desk all day? No problem! You can still use Facebook Live to broadcast your message. This is especially compelling when you’re sharing a conference or other scheduled event with your audience. Mobile tends to feel more spontaneous, while desktop presents a more professional and finished view to your audience. The same brand may use each streaming option for different events in the lifecycle of the brand, with no problem. What’s even better is that you can store a version of your video on your timeline for future viewing. Facebook Live content is highly valued by the Facebook team. In practical terms, this means that you’re likely to reach a broader audience with a Live video than you would with a simple Facebook post — even without a boost applied for advertising.

Your First Facebook Live (Awww . . . How Sweet!)

Facebook Live Optimal Statistics

Before you head out and start creating content for your page, here’s some quick tips to get your streaming started on the right foot:

  • Check your privacy settings. It would be bad to have an amazing streaming video that only your Mom can see.
  • Use keywords and a compelling description. Check your location, too. The more metadata you can add to your video, the more likely it will be shown to interested parties.
  • Food, fashion, pets, humor and DIY are the most compelling topics. If your content doesn’t fit within these parameters, that’s okay — but if you can add in something here it’s worth a try!
  • According to BuzzSumo‘s analysis of 100 million videos, the ideal Facebook Live length is 15-16 minutes.
  • Keep your intro short — the most engaging videos use only a sentence for an introduction.