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Facebook Just Made It Easier for Consumers to Find Your Brand (Literally)

David Bosley

Your brand needs a social media presence, but many marketing professionals make the mistake of trying to compete on a national level. Instead, try making your social media strategy more local, after all, Facebook just made it much easier.

The social media giant just announced it is adding maps to its location-based local awareness ads. This move is intended to give brands a better chance of getting on-site visits from local consumers.

“What we’ve built is a mobile-first, native experience that is part of the ad format itself,” said Facebook product manager Sam England, according to Marketing Land.

However, Facebook isn’t creating its own map product. Instead, Facebook will tie its site in with already established mapping tools, including Google Maps and Apple Maps. This means users can click in-ad maps to get directions to a store, and discover other relevant information, such as store hours and contact information.

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