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Facebook Insights: Harnessing the Power of Two-Way Communication

Facebook is a crowded marketplace, but with the right strategy, it can help your business flourish. It doesn’t matter if you have a long-standing presence or are starting from square one, the following tips and tricks from Marketing Land columnist Will Scott are great ways to nudge your strategy in the right direction.

  1. Create a well-rounded pageTake time to fill out every aspect of your business’ info on its Facebook page. Consumers conduct extensive company research online, and the more information available, the better.
  2. Be consistentAn active Facebook page is a successful page. Schedule frequent and regular posts, but always make sure to prioritize quality over quantity.
  3. Get to know customersTake advantage of Facebook’s Audience Insight tools to learn about your clients. The information gathered will allow you to tailor future content and prompt engagement.
  4. Encourage reactions and commentsStart paying attention to (and recording) reactions and comments on Facebook posts and content. By gathering this information, you can start to paint a picture of your audience’s preferred content.
  5. Post shareable contentYour company’s direct Facebook network is minuscule compared to the extended networks of your followers. Posting branded content that brand evangelists can share with their friends and families has endless possibilities.

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