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Facebook and Instagram Offering Targeted Holiday Ads

Phillip Reinhardt

Every year businesses make a bigger push on social media to attract holiday shoppers, and 2015 isn’t expected to be any different.

According to a recent report from Marketing Land, social media giants Facebook and Instagram are taking full advantage of this trend, and will roll out a new ad-targeting segment to hone in on the primary users. The segment will run from Thanksgiving until the New Year and can be used on any ad format on both social networks.

Facebook will compile a brand’s targeted audience by tracking holiday-related keywords from posts as well as posts user “like” and share. Similar to previous Facebook targeting initiatives, the custom audience will be aggregated and anonymized.


Social Media Infrastructure

Welcome to the age of two-communication. In today’s interactive environment, we exchange more than business cards. We “bump” smartphones, swap Twitter handles (@pbjmarketing, FYI), “friend” on Facebook, and if we can’t find what we need – we Google it. Your customers are making connections in the same way. Not only are they buying products and services, but they’re also talking about them. And they’re not only telling family and friends, they’re telling the entire world. Today’s social media takes the word of mouth to an entirely new level.

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