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Easy Way to Disable MailChimp Double Opt-in for WordPress Plugin

David Bosley

As marketers, many of us can agree that MailChimp and their email service is superb, especially for small companies just starting out. However, MailChimp’s double opt-in email process is a bit cumbersome. Requiring customers or leads to do extra work always causes a drop off rate. It’s hard enough to get visitors to enter their information through our digital marketing efforts, so it’s important to keep the process simple.

We at PBJ Marketing have successfully eliminated the MailChimp double opt-in process for two clients now. But for this blog post, we’ll quickly show you how to disable it using the MailChimp WordPress Plugin.

1. Install the plugin and configure your email settings

2. Go to Plugins > Editor > Select plugin to edit and choose “MailChimp”

3. Find and select the file on the right-hand side titled mailchimp/miniMCAPI.class.php 

4. Search for “$double_optin=true” and change it to “$double_optin=false” and hit save

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