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Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Be Watching

Phillip Reinhardt

Over the past few years, it has been amazing to watch as different trends have entered the world of digital marketing. When you look back on how things have changed in just the past ten years alone, there is a drastic difference in how we live our lives. Mobile devices are kind. Social media networks are infectious. Organic and paid searches have dominated our minds to get the best search engine ranking. While all of these things happened quickly over time, they all started as a trend in this direction. The technology for digital marketing is only getting more sophisticated every day and that means that the way we manage digital marketing is changing. Every year there are different trends in the industry that change the way we view our lives as a whole. 2018 is no different and these are the digital marketing trends to watch in the coming year.

Content Marketing Will Continue to Reign

Focusing your energy on your content marketing plan will help you ensure you stay on top.

Content marketing is a component of digital marketing that will continue to be present and may even become more important. Content marketing serves as the fuel to the fire in terms of digital communication. This is because it creates engagement with the audience and helps to convert an email marketing campaign into actual sales numbers and website visitors. While you are focusing your efforts on your content marketing strategy this year, you may also want to ensure you do not make these grave mistakes.

Personalization is Key

It used to be that marketers could create a plan that reached a target market and that was the extent. Today, personalization is what will really capture the potential customers. Your potential customers want to know that they are not just another number. Beyond that, if you are going to attract new customers, then you have to stand out from the competition in the market by ensuring you add in relevance to your target market. Some ways that this can be done is through website personalization, using big data to track purchasing habits and suggest options, and more. There are also some lower cost solutions in the market that can make a big impact on your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Automation and Machine Learning Will Come Together

Both automation and AI are things that are making the digital marketing scene even more impactful. Neither of these things are going away in the future. In fact, they should join forces to provide even more valuable help. Automation has made some marketing roles so much easier but they are not always impactful. By adding in some machine learning, our automation tools can begin to focus on what customers react to with these automated tools so they can be used more effectively in the future.

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