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Desktop Conversion Rates Continue to Beat Mobile, but Will It Last?

David Bosley

It’s no secret that the future is mobile, but when it comes to conversion rates, desktop computers continue to cast a shadow on their mobile counterparts.

According to an infographic from WebpageFX, last year, smartphones drove just 20% of all conversions. For individual conversion rates, desktops boasted 4.55% compared to mobile’s 2.46%. However, when analyzing these results, it’s important to examine the time spent on each device to understand the full story.

WebpageFX also found that every day, the average users spends roughly 24 more minutes on their smartphones than on desktops. The report posits that perhaps when it comes to the performance of these devices, size might matter.

“On average, the screen size of a mobile device is just 4.7 inches, while the typical screen size for a desktop is 15.6 inches,” the report said. “Correlation doesn’t always mean causation, but hypothetically, we can guess that this means that size does matter when it comes to screens and conversion rates.”

Even though desktops continue to boast a higher conversation rate, your brand still needs to give considerable attention to mobile. The team at PBJ Marketing specializes in helping our partners stand out and really “pop” on the small screen.

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