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Create Relevant Ads To Cut Down Ad-Blocker Use

STOP! No More Ads

Creating effective online ads that yield real results and significant ROI can be a taxing process. These days, as online users become increasingly savvy, they’re making the task of connecting with them increasingly tough with ad-blockers.According to a recent report from AdBlock Plus and Global Web Index, approximately 40% of desktop and laptop users claim to have used an ad blocker in the last month, while 22% of respondents claim to have used one on their mobile devices.The reasoning behind the use of ad blockers varied considerably, but some of the most common answers include: ads are annoying or irrelevant, there are simply too many ads on the internet, ads are too intrusive, and they take up too much screen space. Another reason to use ad blocker could be to avoid ads with questionable content which is sprawled all over the internet.To address negative user sentiment about online ads, it’s critical to take various factors into account. Here at PBJ Marketing, we’ve lost count of the number of successful online ads we’ve built for both the PBJ brand and our clients. So, before you take on this endeavor, consider the following.

Quick Checks Before Developing Ads

Define Your GoalsCreating an online ad without first defining your goals is setting it up for failure. How can you measure the success of something without first setting expectations? Start by asking yourself a series of questions. Why would someone purchase from your site rather than a competitor? What makes your products and services unique? By understanding these points, you can start defining performance goals.Less Is Often MoreIt goes without saying that there is limited screen space on desktop computers and laptops and even less on mobile devices. For this reason, you need to work with the space provided. An estimated 80% of an online ad’s success revolves around the headline. Rather than getting hung up on bulky body copy and ad placement, put most your time and effort into crafting a compelling headline.Make Them ClickableWhen it comes to online ads, clicks yields real results, so it’s imperative to make them as clickable as possible. Try demonstrating the benefit of your products and services, play on users’ emotions, and of course, always be credible.

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