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Content Marketing Predictions for the New Year

Phillip Reinhardt

The New Year is right around the corner, and many experts are already weighing in on content marketing trends they expect to see in 2016. Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner is one such expert, and his predictions might have you rethinking your content strategy in the coming months.


Content Marketing Spending Will Rise
Brenner posits that there will be a noticeable correlation between the increase of ad blockers and increased spending on content marketing.


“As more and more consumers download ad blockers on their computers and cell phones, opt-out of telemarketing lists, and cut their cable subscription cord, markets will start to see the futility of spending so much of their budgets on ads no one wants,” Brenner writes on the website.


As a result, marketers will pivot their strategies and focus on publishing content their customers want to see. The creative talent at advertising agencies are fantastic storytellers; Brenner adds, and their storytelling abilities will be put to much better use telling actual stories, rather than creating ads to interrupt the ones we want to see.


Targeted & Personalized Content

Technology has come a long way in recent years to target effectively individual users and present them with relevant content and ads, and 2016 will only welcome more sophisticated technology to get it done. The easier it becomes to understand the browsing habit of potential customers, the easier it will be to make tailored content that speaks to them directly.


Keep It Light and Entertaining

We’ve discussed creating funny content in the past, and it will be in demand more than ever in the New Year. It pays to understand your niche and engage them with lighthearted and entertaining content that is both compelling and visually appealing. Also, don’t forget to create a strong call-to-action to help with conversions.

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