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Which Content Creator Is Best for Your Brand?

David Bosley

To establish a strong internet presence, your brand’s website and social media outlets need quality content. But when it comes to creating quality content, it’s usually easier said than done, and often the most difficult part is determining who will create it.


Your company’s marketing team

Does your company already have an in-house team dedicated to crafting your business’s identity and branding efforts? If so, they probably have fantastic insight into the type of content current customers and prospective clients want to see. However, before you assign your marketing team with creating quality content, consider their bandwidth. How many people are on your marketing team, and can they add content development to their current workload?


A marketing agency

An agency like PBJ Marketing has the scale and resources to dedicate to your production. Agencies always look for the best and the brightest creative minds, and when it comes to content strategists, it’s no different. The slight downside of working with a marketing agency is that it requires a lot of collaboration and communication. Agencies like PBJ want to pick your brain to ensure we’re creating compelling content to strengthen your brand.


A freelancer

Freelancers are trained writers who simplify the content creation process without taxing your internal team. To start, you need to train a freelancer on your brand guidelines, such as tone, SEO initiatives, and objectives. One of the biggest upsides of freelancers is the cost. You can often hire freelancers for a fraction of the expense of an agency or a full-time, in-house content creator.


An in-house content creator

Do you require large quantities of compelling content created on a daily basis? Hiring a dedicated in-house content creator might be your best option. Doing so allows you to find the perfect person for the job who can focus on your brand’s content creation day in and day out. However, hiring a full-time content creator takes time, money, and patience.

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