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By the Numbers: Social Media Apps See Major Growth

Phillip Reinhardt

Androids and iPhones play a huge role in our everyday lives. They allow us to listen to our favorite artists, surf the web, and shop for our favorite products. But perhaps most importantly, smartphones allow us to stay in touch through social media apps, and research shows that Millennials are spending more time of social media apps than ever.


According to a new report from comScore, social media apps account for 29% of all mobile app usage among users between the ages of 18 and 34. On average, Millennials spend 26 hours per month – nearly one hour per day – on just the Facebook app.


Facebook is still the dominant social network, with 125 million active users on its mobile app. “With constantly refreshing social content and home screen accessibility for most users, the app is made for habitual usage,” the report said.


Meanwhile, Instagram recently announced that its worldwide community surpassed 400 million users as a result of rapid growth in foreign markets. Of the last 100 million users to join, more than half reside in Europe and Asia while Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia were the individual countries that added the most Instagrammers.

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