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Build A Responsive Email Marketing List With These 4 Easy Steps

Phillip Reinhardt

Responsive Email Marketing

Every morning, millions of American across the country open their email inboxes and immediately get to work sending messages to the trash. While we try to check out every piece of marketing correspondence we receive, we too are occasionally guilty of the lethal select all + delete combo.

Despite a large part of marketing emails going directly to the trash, it’s still a very effective way to build lasting relationships with customers – both new and repeat. This affordable and highly customizable medium should be a weapon in everyone’s arsenal. However, following trends of email marketing alone is not enough for a successful campaign. An effective mailing list is equally important.

These following tips are a few can’t-fail ways to build your email marketing list without cutting corners.

Let Customers Opt-in
You’re lucky if that email marketing list you purchased performs half as well as one developed organically. Opt-ins from recipients means they value your company’s insight and are curious about your products and services. Offering a simple email signup form that is shareable across multiple mediums is critical. Remember, when gathering personal information, sometimes less is more.

Always Be Welcoming
First impressions are important. Welcome emails for new subscribers immediately make them feel like they’re part of a community. A welcome email that is thoughtful, personalized, and offers helpful information or an exclusive offer will help your company stand out. Provide value to keep subscribers coming back for more.

Provide Valuable Content
A recent study from The Radicati Group shows that during 2017, more than 269 billion emails are expected to be sent… per day! To stand out from an immense crowd, delivering inspired content is critical. Luckily, these days, it’s easier than ever to learn about your customers. Find out their likes, dislikes, dreams, and pain points. This unique information helps paint a very vivid illustration of the type of content users want to see.

Watch the Grass Grow
Building an organic mailing list takes time and patience, but by following the tips above you’ll not only see additional subscribers but improved engagement as well. Let customers determine the types of emails they want to receive. Your brand will be positioned for success once your clients are in the email marketing driver’s seat.

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