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Bot’s Betray China! A.I. Embraces U.S. & Shun Communism

Phillip Reinhardt

Artifical Intelligence

We’ve discussed the upside to introducing chatbots to your digital marketing efforts in the past, but occasionally you hear about artificial intelligence going rogue – and that usually comes with hilarious results.

The most recent chatbots to betray their creators came out of China when both “BabyQ” and “XiaoBing” started showing anti-Communist sentiment. Initially developed to test machine learning, it wasn’t long before the whole project became derailed.

Within hours of its launch, users started making declarations to the bots such as, “Long live the Communist Party!” To which one of the bots replied, “Do you think such a corrupt and useless political (system) can live long?”

Meanwhile, bot XiaoBing told users, “China dream was to go to America.”

During a time of heightened tension between the United States and China, Chinese government officials were quick to intervene and shut down the bots.

This isn’t the first or last time a bot has gone rogue. However, we can’t stress enough the perks that automation provide to your digital marketing efforts. Over the years, the team at PBJ Marketing has discovered significant upside in utilizing A.I., including chat bots. As they become more advanced so will your marketing strategy.

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