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Bold Content Marketing Predictions for the New Year

Phillip Reinhardt

Content marketing is a constantly changing industry, and it can be difficult to gauge where it will be a few months from now. Luckily, the team at PBJ Marketing works hard to stay ahead of the curve and with the help of Memeburn, would like to make a few bold predictions for content in 2016.


1.       Tell a story, don’t sell a product
With so much original and repurposed content on the internet, readers have a lot of places to go for both entertainment and thought leadership. As such, you should make a concerted effort to make your content as compelling as possible. This means telling a story, rather than trying to blatantly sell your products and services. It’s a different age and readers can easily see through your sales pitch.

2.       Distribution is just as important as quality content
Even though you have the greatest content producer in the world; it doesn’t matter if readers can’t find your blogs, social media posts, and landing pages. In 2016, paid content distribution will play a larger role in overall content strategy. According to Memeburn, with the right targeting strategy and substantial content, Facebook will continue to be the most efficient way to get your brand in front of potential customers and clients.

3.       Engagement analytics
Big data makes is much easier to discover who is reading your content and where their interests lie. Engagement analytics will continue to play a big role in content marketing next year, and more brands will dig deeper into metrics and data sets to create more focused consumer-facing content.

4.       Try new mediums
Content marketing doesn’t have to focus strictly on written pieces, and many brands are starting to recognize this. The wheels are already in motion, and next year more brands will take advantage of video, graphics, and professional photography to engage users and build credibility.

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