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Big Changes on the Google+ Horizon

Phillip Reinhardt

Facebook is the biggest dog in the social media fight, but that hasn’t stopped many other companies from attempting to push into the marketplace.

Google+ is one of the most recent services to make a move, and following its debut four years ago it saw lackluster results despite amassing upwards of 300 million users. Over the years, the search engine’s social media arm has been pronounced dead by industry experts – most recently when the head of Google+ Vic Gundotra jumped ship in 2014 – yet somehow it continues to hang on.

Now, Google has confirmed that it will make significant changes to Google+ in the hopes of focusing and streamlining the service. Marketing Land columnist Mark Traphagen recently wrote about the past, present and future of Google+ and if this will finally be the push it needs to make an impact.

“The changes we’ve seen in the past year, including the stripping away of some major features, were not a slow killing of Google+,” Traphagen writes. “Quite the opposite – they were preparations for its reinvention as a tighter, more focused product which might finally have a unique appeal that could attract new users.”

Like Google+, it’s time to make changes to your brand’s social media presence

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