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How to Beat the New Facebook Algorithm

Phillip Reinhardt

Well, Mark Zuckerberg and his team of uber-programmers have done it again. Just when you thought you’d figured out the Facebook news feed algorithm so your products and updates are shown — they’ve changed it again! This latest rollout is practically a slap in the face to businesses unless you follow these tips to stay ahead of the curve. Why is this update such a big deal? Well, if you ever want your content to be seen by your audience . . . EVER . . . you better sit up and take notice. 

On the flip side, if you enjoy creating a lot of content and updates that will never be seen — by all means, proceed as you have been for the past few years. No? We’ll give you a minute to curse Zuckerberg’s name and then we’ll continue.


Business Impact Of Facebook Updates

That was the sound of your content marketing strategy imploding — thanks to Team Zuckerberg. If you’ve been following the prescribed course of posting engaging content such as articles or interesting tidbits at least twice a day, at the times your audience is most likely to be online — you’re in for a shock. The new algorithm is reacting to what the Facebook team calls “user dislike” of continuous marketing from brands. The reaction is nuclear, meant to seriously reduce the amount of people who are able to organically see your content. Of course, advertising still works (insert eye roll here) because Facebook doesn’t care THAT much if users hate it. And probably because someone in their sales department decided that this was a way to grow advertising revenue.

Back to Basics

Facebook claims that it’s going back to basics in an effort to reduce the number of spammy headlines, fake news and clickbait that currently litter their News Feed. The popular social media platform has professed an interest in “encouraging meaningful interactions between people”, which means more updates from friends, families and groups. Fortunately, this hint gives us the first way to get in front of your peeps: create a ‘Group’ — which is likely going to be the next Business Page in terms of popularity. Of course, you’ll need real humans to post in this group and talk to each other, which can quickly get expensive unless you have a stable of interns ready to carry on some chats with customers on a daily basis.

Boost Your Relevance

Creating relevance within your content has never been more important. If people aren’t engaging with the details that you’re releasing — whether videos, audio, images or text — your content is going to be de-prioritized by this update. Predictions take several things into consideration, such as whether your fans prefer reading articles or watching video. Or maybe memes of cute cats and kids? Now’s the time to dig into your analytics and figure out what your people like, and start ramping up that type of content creation.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Someone in the Facebook algorithm department has finally noticed that the majority of visitors are coming from mobile. This is good and bad: good, because they can now streamline the experience. Bad, because unless your website is fully mobile-optimized, fast and includes high-quality content — your information and updates can quickly be filtered out from the content that’s being shown to users. This may be just the impetus you needed to dust off your website and give it a quick refresh.