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More Bang for Your Buck: Getting the Most out of Mobile Ad Spend

David Bosley

Mobile ads are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. After all, the majority of users are spending more time on mobile than desktop these days.

However, a new study from Forrester Consulting claims that approximately $0.55 of every dollar spent on mobile advertising goes to waste, and as mobile ad experts, the PBJ Marketing team has to ask, “How is this possible?”

According to the report, the $0.55 figure is based on a self-assessment of brands regarding their mobile campaigns. The most common consumer complaints included ads obscuring content, irrelevant ads, and ads failing to load correctly.

Roughly 66% of brand advertisers surveyed feel that at least half of their mobile advertisements don’t successfully achieve their goals, which are most commonly: to increase brand awareness, to improve brand engagement, and increase brand favorability.

To get the most out of mobile ads while continuing to deliver the desired consumer experience, minimize disruptive ad formats and give priority to video ads. Also, real-time and contextual targeting are becoming more important to that broad-sweeping demographic/audience targeting.

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