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B2B vs. B2C Content – Which is Right For Your Brand?

In digital marketing, it’s paramount to recognize your target audience to publish relevant content on your website. Whether you’re trying to reach decision makers at another company (B2B) or everyday consumers to purchase your products (B2C), it’s going to make a considerable difference to your SEO content.


One of the most compelling features of SEO is the ability to see what your customers are looking for, regardless of being the target audience. Thanks to innovations in online analytics tools, businesses can make changes as new patterns develop in customer behavior.First, we develop a keyword strategy for your content aligned with the way your audience searches for your products or services. Then, we make recommendations to ensure your website’s structure, design, content, and functionality are all optimized and aligned to your customer’s buy-process. With the two in place, we go to work monitoring your web properties and making modifications to ensure quality conversions.

B2B vs. B2C Content – The Breakdown

The biggest disparity between B2B and B2C content initiatives is the overarching message you’re trying to convey.According to a recent report from MarketingProfs, roughly 85% of B2B content marketers have the main objective of building their brand and establishing themselves as thought leaders. Brands that are successful at building their reputation in thought leadership are often much faster at landing new clients, as they streamline the consumer buying process by positioning themselves as an authority in their industry.In contrast, B2C content marketers need to care less about thought leadership and care more about making their potential customers feel safe, secure, and informed. Think about it – when’s the last time you chose Tropicana orange juice over Florida’s Natural because they had content outlining their knowledge of the juice squeezing process?

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